I Love Men

Poor old men.

This is not an easy world for you to live in – particularly if you’re a white heterosexual.

Almost no matter what you do, where you go or how hard you try, you’ll inevitably manage to do something wrong (according to the world’s standards).

That’s because modern feminism has left you no other options. If you try to be chivalrous, you’ll be accused of being sexist; if you try to embrace your masculinity, you’ll be labelled “macho” or “domineering”; if you self-flagellate for the ‘patriarchal oppression’ that you represent (simply by existing), you’ll be considered weak and unmanly.

This all stems from the fact that our culture has been thoroughly infiltrated by feminism. Since the 1960s in particular, progressive women have been desperately trying to buck the oppression of the patriarchy which allegedly keeps them downtrodden, under-represented and deprived of certain rights. The problem is, these women are fundamentally confused about what they truly want, and what will make them happy and fulfilled.

Essentially, feminists have been lying to women for decades. They’ve been telling women they’re oppressed by men and the patriarchal system (read: Christianity).

This has fuelled a great deal of resentment towards men, such that they’re punished simply for acting according to their nature. A true gentleman, especially one who has been brought up well, will naturally incline towards treating women like they’re ladies. This includes chivalrous behaviour like opening doors, lending his coat on cold nights or offering to pay for her meal.

Women, who have been trained by the culture to see these innocent actions as representative of the system that has apparently forever oppressed them, may scold or even lambast men for this. And in doing so, they make men wrong for acting on these very good and laudable impulses, which originate from respect and care for the (physically) weaker sex.

Like a twisted inversion of the Catholic sacrament, men are told they need to confess their ‘toxic masculinity’ and do penance. They’re told they need to ask permission to show affection to the girls they’re dating – as if there’s a predator hidden within every one that might rear his ugly head if we don’t keep him in check.

The problem is, no woman actually wants a man like this.

A man who bows down before the commands of feminism is a cuck.

Men, let me assure you – women want their men manly. Period.

No, that doesn’t mean domineering, rude or abusive. In fact, these are all symptoms of a distinctly unmanly man. A true man shows respect for his wife while maintaining the right to put his foot down and lead his family as the head of the household, when needed. I don’t care what you’ve read or heard – this is what all women desire deep down.

Above all else a woman wants – nay, yearns – to respect her husband. This is ideal because respect is what a man most needs and wants, too.

I feel genuinely sad for feminists. So many of them are deeply unhappy, pursuing all the things they’ve been told they should want (a career, sexual promiscuity, independence from men and their own bodies), while neglecting that which will most fulfil them (marriage and family). In so doing, these women are not only rejecting what will make them happiest, they’re denying men the chance to fulfil their masculine role in society by making the changes and contributions only men can make.

This was brought home to me powerfully in Dr Carrie Gress’s book, The Anti-Mary Exposed, which I’ve just finished reading:

Women no longer embrace the goodness that men have to offer society but view it as an evil that must be eliminated. The important impulses of protection and responsibility that have so often inspired men to greatness have been reduced to “toxic masculinity”. The unspoken feminist mantra says, “Men, even though we want to be just like you, you must change.”

I want to expound on this for a moment. Not just because men get so little praise in general these days, but because I don’t think they hear this often enough from women:

I love men. I love everything about them that makes them men. I love their logical rationality, their chivalry and their strength; I love their focus, their ingenuity and their inability to leave a faulty item unfixed or a problem unsolved.

I love the simplicity that men exude. Don’t get me wrong; I love being a woman, even though we can get quite complicated at times. But knowing that men are there – simple, stable and reliable – is wonderfully reassuring. And, as Dr Carrie Gress says, I just love the impulses that inspire men to greatness!

I’m sure there are women out there who will hate me for writing this. What about corrupt men? What about those who abuse their wives and girlfriends? What about players who see women as mere notches to add to their belts?

Sure, there are plenty of men who are scumbags. There are plenty of women out there who are quite detestable as well. They don’t represent the majority of normal people, and it’s a fallacy to judge an entire gender (or any large group) by the sins of a minority.

Gentlemen: if you come across angry women like this, who think all men are evil and refuse to ascribe any good, ingenuity or usefulness to your sex, know that these women are deeply wounded and are not arguing from a place of rationality or objectivity, but from a place of pain (and probably betrayal). They do not represent the majority of women and how we think and feel (although it can be easy to mistake this since much of our culture has allowed itself to be swept up with their insidious ideology).

I know, as a Christian woman, I’m supposed to say that nothing is more attractive than a man praying, or a man holding or playing with a small child. And these are very attractive things to see, but for me, the most attractive sight of all is a man completely absorbed in a task. It may sound a bit silly, but watching a man hammer away in a toolshed or piece a tiny object together or carefully complete a painting, when he’s completely absorbed and un-self-conscious, is deeply and wildly attractive (to me at least).

I believe this is because these actions represent men simply being men. Of course, women can be totally focussed on the task at hand as well, but there’s something inherently masculine about this kind of dedicated focus, especially when it involves working with one’s hands.

So ignore the stupid slogans that say the ‘future is female’ or that ‘masculinity is toxic’. It’s not. At all. And if these misguided women really understood the world they’re willing into being, they would be horrified by how much everything would suck (and likely fall into disrepair) without men around doing what they do and being who they are.

So men, let me reassure you: keep being masculine. Keep being chivalrous. Keep striving to be gentlemen. I understand how overwhelming the pressure can be to conform but the only reason feminists are getting their way is because men keep giving in. Perhaps some men believe this will pacify these women.

It won’t. Nothing can pacify a resentful, angry feminist – nothing. No matter what you do, it will never be enough. She is in pain and needs the kind of healing that only God can provide. But believe me when I tell you that deep down in every female heart is the desire to be protected, loved and understood – even amongst the bitterest of feminazis.

So, even if you get scolded for doing the gentlemanly thing, I urge you to take it in your stride and keep doing it – don’t let yourself be cowed be some misguided women. Instead of apologising, disarm them.

For example, if you hold the door open for a woman and she says something like “it’s okay, I can open the door for myself,” even if she says it in a good-natured way, respond thusly:

“I know you can, but I’d like to do it all the same, if I may.”

You’ll be amazed at how effective something like this can be. Because deep down women want to be treated like this, many have just been indoctrinated to reject such civilities.

Stay the course, don’t be discouraged, and own your masculinity. Because if you don’t stand up for yourselves, who will?

6 thoughts on “I Love Men

  1. I’m an American of nearly-all European origin, and so I pray every day to St. George of Minneapolis that he may give me the wisdom that I lack.

    I also pray that Australians realize (realise?) how much their lack of diversity is hurting their country. Wandering around the South and West sides of Chicago really is a spiritually enlightening experience, akin to spending time in an ashram or a Zen monastery. If only the Australians knew what they’re missing out on…

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  2. Unfortunately I think most men are too far gone to be repaired by this very genuine and well meaning post. The whole culture needs an overhaul from baby onwards.

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  3. This article is a left the (Of)centre progressive nightmare,as it contains elemental truths in a compounded state (the right truth), there are references to honesty, kindness, free speech as well as negative connotations in regards to respect and consideration, that include ‘well’ mannered courteous acts of kindness,(God <forbid),delivered in a forthright way, similar to the clarity in a blue sky clear day. It could be wise to consult your HR physician prior to ingest-station of such flattery. ‘Signs’ of allergy and severe reactions include psychological symptoms and feelings of happiness and wholesomeness-contraindicated in those with Fabian desire. Appreciation resulting from hope, generally manifests itself as a rash that looks remarkably like the act of smiling- convulsions, although ‘rare’ do generally surface as giggles.

    In summary, masculinity is Toxic to the Marxist feminising(pathological) ‘agendas’, specifically the redesigning (wrecking) of culture and concept of family- no doubt about that- is there guys and girls.☹️


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