7 reasons why women love Jane Austen

Her characters are relatableSeriously, who doesn't identify with Anne Elliot, Catherine Morland, Marianne Dashwood or Lizzie Bennet at times? Or indeed, any of her other characters? Love her or loathe her, Jane Austen had a wonderful understanding of the human person, which is why she was able to create such three-dimensional, relatable characters that you … Continue reading 7 reasons why women love Jane Austen

Attack the confessional seal, attack the Church

Since the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse wrapped up at the end of 2017 in Australia, there have been many calls from politicians, child protection groups and the media to force priests to break the confessional seal in cases of confessions by pedophiles and child abusers. Some states have even gone so far … Continue reading Attack the confessional seal, attack the Church

Don’t hide behind ‘God’s will’

After publishing my article, The Catholic Weekly followed it up the next week with a wonderful response by Philippa Martyr. Philippa picked up where my article left off - on the importance of not storing up your treasures here on earth but in Heaven, our ultimate destiny. She addressed an important issue that I didn't … Continue reading Don’t hide behind ‘God’s will’