Women: what we hate and love about the single life

So I mentioned a while back that I'd recorded a podcast with Natalie of The Thirtyest podcast. I'm pleased to announce that this has just been released! This was, hands down, my favourite experience podcasting yet. Natalie and I clearly share many of the same experiences, so the conversation was a very meaningful one. However, … Continue reading Women: what we hate and love about the single life

Does Australia have a man-drought? (My ABC interview)

I mentioned last time that the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) had asked to interview me for a story they were doing on Christian women like myself who were still single into their 30s and 40s in light of statistics showing a slump in the male-female population ratio. That article, and the accompanying video, by journalist Karen Tong came out a couple of days ago. I reproduce it here:

Kissing Christianity goodbye

A few days ago a reader alerted me to the news that popular evangelical Christian author Josh Harris of I kissed dating goodbye fame renounced his Christian faith following his recent divorce. Or more accurately, he announced that the renunciation of his Christian faith was intricately linked with his well-publicised divorce. The obvious question here … Continue reading Kissing Christianity goodbye