Women: what we hate and love about the single life

So I mentioned a while back that I’d recorded a podcast with Natalie of The Thirtyest podcast. I’m pleased to announce that this has just been released!

This was, hands down, my favourite experience podcasting yet. Natalie and I clearly share many of the same experiences, so the conversation was a very meaningful one. However, the reason I particularly enjoyed this one was that I felt I expressed my meaning in every area more clearly and accurately than I’ve done so far.

Moreover, Natalie and I covered a broad range of topics, including:

  • Why I wrote my article
  • Is the ‘Christian man-drought’ really a thing?
  • Why do single people struggle to find each other?
  • What following God’s will really means
  • Can Christian women in good conscience marry non-believers?
  • What should Christian women who want to get married actually do?
  • Are women to blame for the situation?

The headline of this post is a bit tongue-in-cheek. Natalie and I aren’t really hating on the single life, but it’s no secret that neither of us want to be single forever either. However, what’s great about this podcast was being able to find hope, encouragement and genuine understanding in each other.

Hopefully, that will be your experience as well! I encourage you all to have a listen – preferably on a long commute or during a decent workout sesh (it goes for just under an hour) – and let me know what you think in the comments. 🙂

Listen to The Thirtyest podcast here.

(Side note: there was a slight delay during recording for me hearing what Natalie was saying, so if you notice a few awkward pauses here or there, that’s why!)

5 thoughts on “Women: what we hate and love about the single life

  1. It really was interesting to hear your views on the points listed above- you guys really are a breath of fresh air. A couple of points- by all means girls can marry non believers , but in good conscience I’m not sure it would be the wisest or easiest of moves, simply because being a devout Christian/ Catholic woman, the problem you would run into , is that being devout, really means that at the core of your identity is being Christian. So the question is , how does someone who let’s say, doesn’t identify or is not empathetic with Christian values at the very least, going to be compatible- and this is the key consideration to keep in mind.

    That doesn’t mean ,like, for instance ,that your Sisters husband( being agnostic) doesn’t have good intentions and isn’t good or kind hearted or isn’t a nice guy with great values – it just means that it probably takes more effort to make the relationship workable – and this probably means that both parties need to have a greater patience and understanding of each other’s needs and wants and expectations,( sounds awfully like a Christian outlook ,doesn’t it) in short, insight. Either way in the end it boils down to effort and hard work. Who said love was an easy gig.

    As a side track to this, but even more importantly is the consideration of children-The more compatible people are ,possibly the happier the relationship will be- and this I feel will rub off and logically have a direct bearing on how happy and settled and successful their kids lives will be. Remember the more anxious kids are, the harder it is for them to concentrate , learn and succeed at both the social and academic levels. In short, happy well adjusted children are the byproduct of compatibility from a loving happy family atmosphere.

    Again Anna, I think all of this it really boils down to what you are looking for, or the connection that is required at the level of the soul.

    I thought your explanation as to the will of God was really interesting, this to my mind anyway ,showed great depth of character, that can only be arrived at with deep introspection and reflection. As I read it ,essentially Gods will is Love, which is really complete trust in him, once this is accepted we as people become the conduit of that will. In other words Anna Hitchings dies to the world because of Gods will, which is love and as a result this permeates as acceptance in meeting his expectation of love of neighbour (other’s) be it friend, boyfriend, husband, sister or brother in law. Or put simply placing others first?!

    To wrap up ,the audio was great, you sounded very Designer Label, Anna.


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