2020 Update

Dear friends,

Thank you for bearing with my long and unexplained absence from the blogosphere! And thank you particularly to all those who reached out to me in fear that my silence was due to my being burned up in the bushfires.

Thankfully Sydney has largely been spared from the devastating fires raging across our country at the moment. Praise be to God, this week – and today in particular – has produced a veritable deluge of much-needed rain across the east coast of NSW, which is expected to continue into next week.

But no, my somewhat-unplanned hiatus was due to my being occupied over the Christmas and New Year’s period, including a holiday overseas which I’ve just returned from. Now that I’m back I wanted to give all you lovely readers a quick update about my plans for 2020.

I decided some months ago that it was time I returned to study. I’ve been working as a journalist and media adviser for the past decade or so since completing my undergraduate, but I’ve always had a burning desire to pursue further studies down the track.

Considering I’m still unmarried, and a unique opportunity to pursue further studies has recently arisen, it seems to me too good an opportunity to miss. More importantly though, I have a strong sense that this is part of God’s will for me at this time.

So my plan is to pursue postgraduate studies over the next couple of years in Medieval History – my favourite period of history (specifically society in the 13th Century).

However, considering I will be working full-time and studying part-time for at least the next year or two, something is going to have to give in my already packed life. And sadly, I’ve made the decision to hit the pause button on Agony and Hope for the time being.

Does this mean I’m cancelling my blog?


Does it mean I won’t be posting any more?


It simply means I don’t plan to post with any regularity for this year and probably next. I’ve been sent some wonderful articles and ideas that I’d like to delve into at some point, but this will entirely depend on how much free time I will have over the coming months.

So, feel free to keep sending me articles, thoughts and questions. I will be more than happy to look into them – it just might require a bit more patience on your part 🙂

So that this isn’t entirely about me, I have a book recommendation for my female readers.

A friend recently came across this book and suggested I look into getting it:

It’s a nice, short little thing that you should be able to get through in a few days, if not hours!

It’s a wonderful little guide to finding the right man with honest, sometimes blunt advice that women need to hear. In particular, it discusses an issue that I touched on in my original article and feel very strongly about: the tendency of many women to remain in a bad relationship for fear of being alone.

This doesn’t necessarily mean staying in a relationship that’s physically or verbally abusive, it could mean staying in a relationship with someone who leads you to vice instead of virtue, or who you know deep down just isn’t right for you.

The thing I particularly like about The Man God Has for You is that, unlike many others in the same category, it’s very hopeful and reaffirming. I may delve into the seven traits in a future blog post but for now, you can get this bad boy on the Book Depository for AUD$20. Totally worth it!

That’s it from me for now. God bless you all, until the next post…

2 thoughts on “2020 Update

    1. The scholar ,Sir Kenneth Clarke’s Civilisation series ‘A personal view’ this was produced by the BBC under the direction of Sir David Attenborough in the 1960s – in fairness to Sir David , he did give Clarke free reign on this. As best I can glean Clarke delivers his personal view on the evolvement of civilisation as pure scholastic truth as he see’s it in that light. This really is worth seeing, it is composed in 13 parts and as best I can remember they run for and hour or so each, and is available on YouTube – Rich9881 is my preferred. Oh , that’s right there is a 14 episode, this is an interview of David Attenborough in regards.

      As an interesting aside ,Sir Kenneth Clarke’s wife was not keen on his secondment to the BBC ,preferring that his focus should be anchored in scholarship ?


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