A feminist promoting traditional values..?

A friend recently put me onto the Netflix comedy special Iliza: Elder Millennial.

I’d never heard of this comedian before and, to be honest, I generally don’t tune into female comedians. I don’t think they’re as funny as their male counterparts, and they tend to be vulgar or even obscene.

So I switched it on to watch a minute or two just to see if it was any good.

Next thing I know I’m 40 minutes in and I can’t stop watching.

Iliza was surprisingly funny – I laughed out loud numerous times – and extraordinarily relatable, but what surprised me most was that throughout the show the self-proclaimed feminist continually came back to traditional values and male-female roles.

In a nutshell, she stated the following:

  • Men should be the ones pursuing women, not the other way round
  • Deep down, women want to be rescued
  • Women are more likely to attract a mate if they’re vulnerable, because men aren’t as attracted to strong, independent women
  • Women are obsessed with relationships and with understanding how other women found their partners
  • Women should allow men to take care of them and do things for them, and should look to men for protection and help
  • Men are more visually stimulated so women should be considerate of this when choosing what to wear
  • Women fundamentally want monogamy, relationships and babies

And while she does poke fun at men, she pokes fun at women, too. But hearing these insights coming from a feminist was kind of astounding for me.

If you’re going to watch this, a few caveats.

It is quite crass – Iliza swears frequently and discusses pre-marital sex.

The entire show is about men, women and relationships, and she litters it with standard feminist ideology – gender pay gap, unequal treatment of women, etc.

However, what I found fascinating was that despite the latter, she kept promoting traditional male-female roles, while couching these in typical feminist catch phrases.

To me, this made what she said very difficult to criticise by opponents of tradition.

What made it so enjoyable for me, though, was Iliza’s pinpoint accuracy on how women really think and feel. It was refreshingly honest and left me wondering how a woman with such keen insights into the nature of men and women can hold all the ideologies she does while acknowledging the universal biological reality that so many women these days try to deny.

Perhaps I’m so used to being mired in feminist and transgender mentalities from the media these days, but I found it refreshing to see something like this, the material of which was entirely based on the fundamental premise that men and women are different.

I think this comedy special would appeal more to women than to men anyway, but if men are interested to know how single women truly think and feel when it comes to relationships, it’s dead accurate.

It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoyed it. Just don’t take it too seriously!

4 thoughts on “A feminist promoting traditional values..?

    1. At face value it may appear so. However a broken clock is useless- time by it’s very nature is dynamic- it moves or needs to move in order for the information it provides to have relevance( must be relative to life- there is meaning) except of course the clock has stopped and as such has a datum of relevance in respect of time relative to the speed of light.Sean I always thought the passage of time was related to atomic oscillation or more specifically to the speed of light. The universe is expanding at the speed of light- therefore the time on the clock is relative and relevant to one particular point in time which again is relative to the expansion of time which being proximal to the speed of light as it moves into creation and toward he who creates. (All seeing) looking backwards from whence the light came enables God to judge (truth)the specific time the clock stopped( there is allowance in truth for error(imperfection is known to the knower of truth .Eternal relevance of truth is known to he who creates and who as alluded to previously and by way of reasoned inference must sit or be positioned outside of time and space – he that is without sin is creations judge which could well be at this point in time the limit of our ‘under’ standing . Time waits for no man- God waits for the return of the will (time). There must be a greater dimension to life that sits outside that , that we see at face value. This probably explains Albert Einstein’s willingness at the end of his life ,to surrender willingly to the truth- time has come or more specifically Gods will – the truth is not to be feared as Einstein’s life works proved, the truth being a friend is unconditional by it’s very nature.

      I’m not sure what relevance this has to a feminist holding traditional values ,on that score I’m probably as perplexed as yourself and Anna- but please keep in mind that quip of Einstein’s , when he said in relation to men specifically that women have the capacity to turn a perfectly good brain into custard. Anna I’m sure Einstein may have had a seniors moment and left out the word ‘ some’.😬


  1. This picture above is the perfect example of a case of having to be prepared to turn the other cheek. 😊
    The cloud cover above is called ‘fair weather cumulus’, although it cannot be seen, on the underside( the earth/terrestrial ) it is very turbulent and consistently choppy- ( you know your alive)- not felt on the ground. The cloud layer itself is not usually of great depth – not even 100s of feet. On the other side just above the cloud tops say 1 inch ( again unseen) it is plain sailing- no turb,very smooth and tranquil- peaceably so. God Bless🤓


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