My television debut…

Arghh doing TV is nerve-wracking..!

So in case you haven’t read my last post, I had the opportunity to have an op-ed published in The Australian newspaper this week about the Kyle Sandilands controversy.

When the op-ed came out, I was contacted by Sky News for a live interview. For my non-Aussie audience, Sky News is a conservative news network, but one which is not publicly available. Only those with cable TV (Foxtel) have access to it.

Still, it’s not every day you get asked to be interviewed on television so I agreed. It was, as you’d imagine, a very sympathetic interview and the host, Chris Kenny, was agreeable in every sense of the word.

It was only a short interview (about five minutes) but I’m overall pleased with how it went. At the very least, it was a chance to defend my Christian faith publicly. We discussed the double standard that seems to exist for Christianity compared to other religions and groups. (You can’t tell, but at the start my heart was pounding so hard it was hard to hear over the top of it!)

So if you’re interested to watch it (or you’re interested to know what I look and sound like), you can find the interview here. Unfortunately I can’t post it on here as there is no direct link. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “My television debut…

  1. LOL…the female host erroneously uses the term Immaculate Conception when she seems to be talking about the Incarnation. These people are ignorant. It would’ve been worth it to mock them and laugh at them on TV.


  2. The Abrahamic religions get trashed a lot. The eastern belief systems get off easy, probably because westerners haven’t heard of Hindu radicals in India or the Buddhists who kill Muslims in Burma. Of course history has shown that atheists are capable of creating even greater bloodbaths.


    1. Christianity by its very nature becomes the prey of the world. The Jews are the smartest people on Gods good earth – most of the advances mankind has made in recent times, be it medical, military and a whole host of others too numerous to make mention of here, have been given freely to the world and developed out of God given Jewish/Christian wisdom as it relates to truth. How dare those fallen people be given special grace. THE PRODICAL SON’s OF FAITH . THE IMMEASUREABLE QUALITY IS JUDGED BY THE MEASUREABLE. …


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