What True Love looks like

Last week I went to the wedding of two very dear friends.

These two had what I consider to be an ideal courtship. They based their entire relationship in prayer – beginning and ending with Christ. They were always respectful of each other, prudent in their affection, but with a lot of fun and good times.

They built their relationship over a good friendship, which naturally developed into romantic attraction and love.

They prepared well for their marriage with a priest, but were also careful when it came to time spent alone together.

If more relationships were like this, what a different world ours would be.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a clear example of genuine, true love and it just warms the heart to see them. A mutual friend, the wonderful Jenna Fulop, took some stunning photos of them which I think really capture what true love looks like, nurtured and nourished by faith, prayer and devotion to God: